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CrazyBulk: The solution to better body and muscle mass

Before you start to plan out any change in your life, you need to list out the requirements for the whole process. Just like that, when you plan to change the way your body looks, there are three requirements that you need to fulfill. To have greater muscle mass while maintaining a lean body, you need to sort out the kind of diet that can help you throughout the process. You also need to decide what kind of training and exercises you would be doing along the way to stimulate the muscle building. But the most essential of all is deciding what supplements or steroids you need during your journey to a better body. This is why steroids are the most commonly discussed topic among the bodybuilders and trainers. The biggest mistake people make before they begin their journey is that they believe they could reach their goal without the help of any supplements or steroids which is unfortunately very wrong. Supplements are essential for muscle growth and if you take the right kind, they can also decrease the time before you start to see the visible results.

To explain this in simpler and easier words, you may be able to reach the goal you have set for your dream body in years without the help of steroids but if you take help of the supplements, this all can happen in the matter of months instead of years. But it is essential to know what steroids and supplements are before you start to take any of it.

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What are supplements?

The word supplement has a very clear meaning that also identifies its use. It means to compensate for something that is absent or lacking. In our body, during the process of muscle build up, our muscle tissue is in need of specific and essential nutrients. Without those essential nutrients, it is impossible for our muscles to repair or grow. So the use of legal steroids becomes a must while aiming for the better body as when we train to build muscle, the first thing that happens in our body is the tear of muscle fibers. The torn muscle fibers are then repaired by our body with the help of proteins and amino acids; this can only happen if we are taking the right amount of protein which is pretty impossible. As the need for protein is very high, we can pair some special legal steroids with our high protein diet to provide us with the adequate amount of nutrients for repair and growth of muscle tissues.

Gratefully, we have CrazyBulk develop top quality products to help us with muscle growth and repair. Those legal steroids help us with not only muscle build up but also in losing extra fat to make our body more ripped, defined and leaner.

What is CrazyBulk?

CrazyBulk is one of the best companies to provide us with legal steroids. Most of their products are alternatives to the anabolic steroids that most people used back in the day before their side effects started to show. But the best thing about every product from CrazyBulk is that they have absolutely no side effects or toxicities and while maintaining that, they still provide us with beneficial effects that can bring huge changes in our body. They can make our muscles go bigger and make our physique more defined. We will be discussing the importance of each and every product by CrazyBulk in detail later. Many people still wonder why they should prefer legal steroids over anabolic steroids and we have the answer right here to that query.

Why are legal steroids better than anabolic steroids?

In the old times, when the use of anabolic steroids prevailed, people loved it for the hundreds of benefits it provided to their bodies. Anabolic steroids were also famous for treating some medical conditions and people had full trust in them. But that was all before the side effects of anabolic steroids started to show. They not only caused some adverse effects but also very dangerous toxicities. This is when FDA decided to ban the use of anabolic steroids and that resulted in them being unavailable in markets too. No sportsmen or sportswomen were allowed to use them during any sports event or competition.

If anyone was still hoping to use them even if illegally, it became really difficult to get access to anabolic steroids as they were not available in the market. They had to buy online or look for fishy agents who most of the times ripped them off their money by selling them fake products instead of selling the original high-quality products. Sometimes the products produced way more side effects than original anabolic steroids while at other times they were no effects at all, not even the beneficial effects. That is when people realized the need for steroids that were not only legal but also risk-free. FDA could only approve a product in the United States of America if it had no severe side effects. That is how the legal steroids came into being and CrazyBulk presented us with products that showed amazing results in the user's body in as less as 2 weeks. The products did not only build muscles or toned our physiques but also provided us with power, stamina, and strength. They gave us the boost of energy when we really needed it. All the products from CrazyBulk are also available online to be bought and there is no issue with illegality. There is a larger range of products available in the market and all products are specific to their use which makes them even more efficient.

The reason people started choosing legal steroids over anabolic steroids was all the benefits that came with products from CrazyBulk. People find it easier to consume legal steroids rather than having to inject into their veins like Anabolic steroids. There are also no side effects with CrazyBulk products as compare to old anabolic steroids. They are also easily available in markets and can be bought online too. They are approved by the FDA so any sportsman or athlete can use it too. This is why use of CrazyBulk products is better as compared to anabolic steroids.

The range of products available from CrazyBulk:

All the products are characterized by the three main groups. The groups are named as bulking, cutting and strength products. The bulking products are to be used during the bulking cycle whereas when a person is going through the cutting cycle, it is recommended to opt for the cutting cycle products for maximum results. The products found in the strength range are overall good to provide us with an unlimited amount of strength and power. You can also stack all these products together to make them work better and produce even finer results in your body. But first, we need to understand the different cycles that can be done to ensure maximum results on your part.

The bulking and the cutting cycle:

You can choose from two types of diet plans when you decide to train or exercise to change your body for the better. You can either decide to go for the bulking cycle or the cutting cycle. The bulking cycle usually aims at increasing the muscle mass to get a bulkier body whereas the cutting cycle targets to lose the body fat to give you a leaner body. The main goal during the bulking cycle is to have more muscle mass in the body so a person has to eat a lot. In the cutting cycle, a person is aiming to tone the muscles while defining the physique so he or she has to control their diet by eating less calories. It is very easy to decide which one to go for as you can also do both the cycles at the same time. You can do bulking cycles for two weeks followed by the cutting cycles for another two weeks. This way you can alternate between the two cycles to get the maximum results.

Now that we know which cycle to choose, we should move on to what products should be used during which cycle. We will be talking about all the products available from CrazyBulk in detail.

The bulking cycle products:

View Bulking Products Most people start their diet while following the bulking cycle as it is very important in the journey to change your body. It is essential to target aims at once. It increases the body muscle mass while also helping you gain strength and stamina at the same time. Many people believed taking the right kind of diet and nutrition while training hard is enough to beat bulking cycle but this is a very wrong concept. You will need the help of legal steroids and supplements to nail the bulking cycle.

The bulking cycle is of two different types. There is one that is called the classic bulking cycle in which a person has to increase his weight and pile up as much body mass he or she can muster up. In the classic bulking cycle a person also retains the water inside the body so the body water weight is also increased. The second type of bulking cycle is known as the lean bulking cycle in which the whole overall concept remains the same and there are same criteria but it does not retain the water in your body so the overall water weight is not increased by the end of the cycle.

The way both the bulking cycle work is very simple, you are supposed to increase your calorie intake to the point that you start to take and consume more calories in your diet than you are burning through training and exercising. While doing so, you also should be taking the use and help of right type of legal steroids. The best legal steroids available for the bulking cycle are from the CrazyBulk’s bulking range. All the details are given below:

1) D-Bal

View Product D-Bal is a legal steroid available in markets as the perfect substitute to the anabolic steroid called Dianabol. It has near to no side effects on a person’s body and yet has productively shown all the benefits of the anabolic steroid, dianabol. It is appreciated in all over the world that it is one of the only products that shows visible results in less amount of time.

The mechanism through which D-Bal presents its effects in our body is very similar to that of the old anabolic steroid Dianabol. It also retains the nitrogen in our muscle tissues. Nitrogen is required by our body for the formation and production of amino acids. Amino acids are the basic unit for proteins that is they join up together to form the big protein molecules. Muscles are completely composed of proteins and without the protein molecule our muscles cannot repair or increase in bulk. So to sum it all up, nitrogen is essential for our muscle tissue’s growth and repair. Without nitrogen, there would be no protein and without protein it would be impossible to fix the muscles. All the training and lifting we do during our exercise sessions effects our muscles by tearing them apart and those small muscles can only be fixed with the formation of new cells. With the high amount of protein present, you can repair the muscles faster and better.

Using D-Bal is also a very easy process as you will not need any type of injection to have it in your body. All you require is a glass of water with which you can swallow the capsules. You are advised one capsules 3 times a day and you should take D-bal either before or after your workout or training sessions.

Using D-bal is very easy as you do not need an injection to have it in your body. It comes in capsules form that you are advised to take 3 times each day with the help of water. It is recommended to use D-bal before you start the workout or training session. Read more D-Bal

2) Trenorol

View Product Trenorol is a legal steroid available from CrazyBulk that is an alternative to Trenbolone and produces the same effects like Trenbolone in our body. It is also referred to as or commonly known as a versatile steroid. It has more than one function, that is it helps with muscle gain while also making the recovery and healing process faster for us in our bodies. The mechanism of action involved with this legal steroid is very similar to that of Dianabol. It also helps in the retention of nitrogen in our muscle cells to increase the protein formation that can help with muscle gain. It also helps in increasing or accelerating the process of fat burning in our bodies.

Another mechanism of action involved with the usage of this legal steroid is that it increases the amount or concentration of oxygen available for our muscles during the vigorous exercise and training sessions. It increases the production of RBCs or commonly known as red blood cells in our vascular system which are required for the carrying of oxygen. Increasing the concentration of these cells red blood cells enable our body to transport more oxygen to the muscles so they can respire and in the result, we can exercise for the longer amount of time without getting fatigued. This means it increases the stamina of a person as well. Read more Trenorol

3) Anadrole

This product from CrazyBulk is an alternative to the anabolic steroid called Anadrol. It helps in increasing muscle gain and reducing the recovery time. It also helps in increasing strength and so will be discussed in detail in the strength products later on.

4) Testo-Max

View Product All anabolic steroids took their origin from this supplement. The best hormone in our body, testosterone is stimulated with the intake of Testo-Max. This means that testo-Max pumps up the levels of testosterone naturally. This helps the body to gain the massive amount of muscle, strength, and energy. It also increases the hormone called LH or luteinizing hormone.

It has a very simple mechanism of action. There is a plant that exists on the surface of the Earth called Tribulus Terrestris which contains a very special chemical called steroidal saponins. This special chemical is responsible for increasing the luteinizing hormone levels in our body which are responsible for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is the main ingredient required for the formation of not only bigger muscle size but also increased strength, energy, and power. The special thing about CrazyBulk is that they used the pure extract of Tribulus Terrestris in their product that is 45% of saponins. This is twice as much as compared to the concentration used by other brands. Read more TESTO MAX

5) HGH-X2

View Product It is a product available from CrazyBulk that helps in the release of HGH, the human growth hormone. When used, it triggers our body to send signals to the pituitary gland to release and produce more human growth hormone in our bloodstreams. You can get better leaner muscle gain with the help of this product.

The role of human growth hormone in our body is the best one. It increases the muscle growth while also boosting the production of protein. It also accelerates the fat burning process by increasing the use of fat in our body. The drawback is that this hormone’s level decrease with the increase in the age that is old people has less human growth hormone in their bodies. But using HGH-X2 can lead to its production as HGH-X2 has special amino acids that stimulate the release of this hormone. So now you can gain lean muscle mass and burn fat faster while decreasing the recovery time after each workout session by the use of this product by CrazyBulk. Read more HGH-X2

6) DecaDuro

View Product It is a product made from CrazyBulk which is a safe alternative to Deca-Durabolin. Deca Durabolin was known as the most popular steroid that helped in bodybuilding but it came with a lot of side effects. But DecaDuro changed the game as it carries all the benefits of the anabolic steroid but no side effects. It helps you gain massive muscle mass and huge strength by increasing the nitrogen retention in our muscle cells. It also increases the protein and red blood cells synthesis to help us during the process. Some people even use it as a treatment for sore joints as it can have soothing effects there.

As the importance of Nitrogen has been explained before, we will not be discussing it again. But it should be mentioned that without nitrogen there would be absolutely no muscle gain so DecaDuro finds us the most important key required for the process of muscle build up. Increasing the number of red blood cells means it increases the oxygen concentration in our body and muscles. When our muscles have the constant and optimum amount of oxygen present in them, they will not tire or get fatigue so it helps in increasing the time for which we workout and train. Another work that DecaDuro does is the increase in the synthesis or production of collagen in our tissues. This strengthens the tendons and ligaments of our body and helps soothe the pain of aching joints that develop as a result of workouts and exercise sessions. Read more DECADURO

This was all about the products that should be used during the bulking cycles but with the right type of diet plan and the right amount of exercises and training hours.

The cutting cycle products:

View Cutting Products The worst and the most crucial phase any person has to go through during the journey of changing his body is the cutting cycle. This cutting phase comes right after you are done with the bulking stage. In the bulking stage a person has bulked up enough mass on the muscles and other parts of the body as well. And then comes the time to shed all the extra pounds we have packed inside our body and muscles. Muscle gain has had happened during the bulking stage but now comes the time to shred all the subcutaneous and visceral body fat to define the muscle gain properly. It does not affect in anyway to the mass you have already gained but only tones up your body better.

In this phase you are asked to lower the calorie intake and you have to burn more calories than you are consuming in a day through cardiac exercises. Cardiac exercises help us in burning extra fat from the body. CrazyBulk has formed the best and perfect formula to provide us with the effects our body needs during this cutting phase. They have blended the perfect ingredients to provide you with the effects you need in the cutting cycle to tone your muscles and lose extra body fat. Here is the list of all the products available in the cutting range by CrazyBulk:

1) Anvarol:

View Product It is the alternative available in markets to the anabolic steroid known as anavar. It is the best legal steroid alternate which means it has all the benefits of Anavar but absolutely no side effects. It helps us in improving our strength by increasing the amount of energy in our body. It also shreds off the extra fat from our body while retaining the lean muscle mass to give our body a more toned down and defined physique and this is why it is used in the cutting cycle. Another benefit is that it is suitable for both women and men.

Our muscle needs ATP or more commonly known as adenosine triphosphate as the fuel for energy when they contract. When we get tired or fatigued the pain we feel is due to the lack of energy presence. This is when Anvarol starts to work. By increasing the amount of ATP available for our muscles, it helps us in contracting them better during workouts for the longest amount of time. It gives you the best power source to come out as a champion after hard and long workout sessions. Read more ANVAROL

2) Winsol:

View Product Winsol is a very safe alternative to the old anabolic steroid called the Winstrol. The winstrol was available in markets for a very long time but was banned due to its many side effects and toxicities. This is when CrazyBulk developed a better alternative called the Winsol which was safe but still provided us with the same beneficial effects.

It helps us become stronger in less time while it also increases our stamina. We get massive amount of power and energy with the use of Winsol. It also helps us in decreasing our extra belly fat while it retains the lean muscle mass in our body. It also increases the vasculature of our body so we have better blood and oxygen supply to all the muscles and body tissues. We get enough nutrients for our muscles to help them remain in working condition for longer rather than getting fatigues or tired. Read more WINSOL

3) Clenbutrol:

View Product Clenbuterol was the anabolic steroid that has powerful thermogenic effects which help us reduce weight from our body but this anabolic steroid like others has many side effects and toxicities. Fortunately, to solve this issue, CrazyBulk developed a product that was called Clenbutrol. It was developed as a legal alternative to Clenbuterol. It also provided us with same but a little better type of thermogenic effect and increases the oxygen transportation in our bodies. It helps us lose extra fat and get a leaner and ripped body in a very small amount of time.

It raises the internal temperature of our body and this is called thermogenic effect. When it increases the internal body temperature it enables the basal metabolic rate or also known as BMR in our body to rise. When the BMR rises it helps our body to use the stored fat as a means for energy. The more stored fat gets used up for energy supple, the more weight we can lose. This is how it increases the metabolism in our body. We can burn the extra calories and fat when we take help from Clenbutrol and have a ripped body with leaner muscles form. It also increases the concentration of oxygen supple to our muscle so they do not get tired or fatigued early on in exercise sessions. Read more CLENBUTROL

This was all about the products that should be used during the cutting cycles but with the right type of diet plan and the right amount of exercises and training hours.

The strength products:

Strength is the most crucial requirement of our body. Whether it is a man or a woman, the requirement of the strength remains the most important. Two people can have the same height or exact similar body weight and muscle mass but their levels of stamina or strength may vary greatly. Someone with the high levels of stamina can obviously do what the other one cannot. Any man or woman with more stamina will be able to work out for longer amount of time and will also manage to recover faster than anyone else after any training session or work out. You can even do the vigorous exercises better than anyone. So having better stamina and strength is very important when you decide to train your body to be better. Let’s look at the products available from CrazyBulk that can increase our stamina:

1) Anadrole:

View Product Anadrole is known as the alternative to Anadrol which is an anabolic steroid people used a lot before it got banned. Anadrol also has another name called the Oxymetholone and is known to be the most powerful steroid available in markets at the moment. It helps us gain the massive amount of strength and stamina.

The mechanism of action involved is that it increases the number of red blood cells or RBCs in our body to make sure all muscle tissues get the constant amount of high levels of oxygen at all times. This helps our muscles to not get fatigued or tired soon as they have enough oxygen to keep going for long. We will have less muscle pain and also quicker recovery after each session. Read more ANADROLE

2) No-2 Max:

View Product No-2 Max is formulated scientifically with the help of the best available ingredients. This helps the legal steroid to provide us with the massive effects. It is a direct booster of the production of nitric oxide in our body and increases the blood flow and oxygen circulation to our body muscles. This helps during the most vigorous of exercises.

The mechanism through which No-2 Max provides its action and effects is that it is a direct stimulator or booster of natural nitric oxide levels in our bodies. Nitric oxide helps us in vasodilation or to explain it more simply, it increases the size or diameter of our blood vessels. It makes them more wider so they are able to provide our muscle and other tissues with better blood supply and oxygen. This helps us to exercise for a longer time as now our muscle would not get tired or fatigues as they have all the essential nutrients available. The result is not only increase in size but also strength of all muscles of our body. Read more NO2 - MAX

3) Winsol:

This product made by the CrazyBulk has been discussed in much detail before in the cutting group. It has the same effects when used as a strength product as it gives us a boost of strength and stamina to keep going during our exercise and training sessions.

4) Deca-Duro:

We had explained all the benefits with the mechanism of action of Deca-Duro before to help you understand its importance. It works to increase the stamina through the same route. The energy boosts it provides to our body help us recover faster after each work out and spend the day normally even after the most hectic of work outs and training sessions.

5) Testo-Max

Testosterone provides us with massive muscle strength and size while giving us stamina boosts. This all has been explained above before in much detailed form. As said before, this hormone is very important for our body if we are willing to increase muscle and gain mass. We also achieve enough energy and stamina to maintain our exercises for a longer amount of time.

The benefits of using Crazybulk products:

The list of benefits is very long and this why people need to prefer CrazyBulk over other legal steroids companies or anabolic steroids. They have absolutely no side effects which were caused by the consumption of the old anabolic steroids and yet they have managed to provide us with all the beneficial effects those steroids provided to help us increase the muscle mass in our body. They are also legal as compared to old anabolic steroids and can be easily bought online without much struggle. They are approved by the FDA for use among the people of United States of America. You also do not require any kind of prescription before you start to use CrazyBulk products.

There is no other legal steroid available in the market at the moment that can provide you with the best visible results in as less as 2 weeks but products from CrazyBulk can do that and make it happen. They provide you with the boosts of stamina and strength to help you in working out for longer without getting tired or without any of your muscles getting fatigued. You can also stack the products available from CrazyBulk together to get best results and you have a huge variety of products to choose from. You can also get great discounts or deals if you order it online through their websites . They also ship everywhere absolutely free. You also get free guides and books to help you on your journey to a better body.

Can CrazyBulk products be stacked?

All the products from CrazyBulk can be bought in stacks and as well be used together. You can especially stack the strength products with the products from other groups to maximize the beneficial effects in your body. It also decreases the time before you start to see visible results. So the best option you have is to stack the products of CrazyBulk together for better results.

Other range of products available:

Most people believe that CrazyBulk only sells legal steroids but that is wrong as they also have their own clothing line available. They provide us with the best quality of clothes for workouts and ease the need of finding the right outfit to feel comfortable in the gym. The words written on their clothes also help in motivating the users. All the clothes are specially designed for workouts and training sessions and helps with all the sweating too. All of their clothing line is also available online .

Side effects that come with the products from CrazyBulk:

All the products that come from CrazyBulk Company are totally safe for use among the bodybuilders and have absolutely no side effects on our bodies. Because all the products are closely monitored by the FDA and are approved for use by the FDA, they are made with the greatest interest of safety for the people. It provides no harm to any body's functioning or system. This is why it is recommended for use to almost everybody.


When the people realized the damage anabolic steroids were doing to the bodies of the users and the trainers, they wanted something different to stimulate the muscle growth and provide them with needed nutrients for the repair of their muscle tissues. Gratefully, CrazyBulk produced the products that did not only have beneficial effects but also came with absolutely no side effects. This means everyone got a way to enjoy the best benefits of the anabolic steroids without having to worry about dangerous toxicities in their bodies.

CrazyBulk has their products divided into three main groups like the bulking group, cutting group and the strength group. All the products found in these groups are specific to their benefits. Like if you are training to build muscle and are in the middle of the bulking cycle then bulking products will help you reach your results faster. During the cutting cycle, most people are aiming for a leaner physique and more defined muscles and so products found in cutting range are best to be used during this time. The strength products have versatile uses as they can be stacked with other products in any cycle to provide you with utmost amount of strength, power and energy. They help you recover faster after vigorous workouts and help you going for longer during the training sessions. All the products are available to be bought online .

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Reviewed by Taylor

My friend made me buy the products and I only agreed because I got 20% off. Who would have known I will be buying it for the rest of my life now. Every product is better. I am stacking so many together. My favorite is D-Bal though. TOTALLY recommended!

(Posted on Nov 15, 2017)
Reviewed by Niall

I never really leave reviews on website but using CrazyBulk has changes my life so much that I had to come back here and write this. I never believed legal steroids would work on me but in 2 weeks time I had a better body. I have only tried the bulking cycle products like Dbal and trenorol but cannot wait to try the others!!

(Posted on Nov 13, 2017)
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